Mediacorp Technologies, currently manages and operates an island-wide terrestrial
analogue and digital transmission network for all Mediacorp TV channels and Mediacorp
Radio stations. The Media Operation Centre provides 24/7 uplink/downlink service as well
as TV playout and media exchange services. Mediacorp Technologies also provides
multi-camera TV outside broadcast services and microwave contribution services.

As a media technology partner, Mediacorp Technologies enables broadcasters
and organisations to reach their audiences in the most effective,
reliable and professional manner.



Encompass broadcast system integration and consultancy,
transmission technology, broadcast production and playout operations.


Broadcast System
Integration and Consultancy


Provision of broadcast engineering
services and consultancy

Design and build analogue digital
media centres

Design and build analogue/digital
Radio/TV station and associated systems

Design and build analogue/digital FM
radio and TV transmitting stations

Design and build virtual TV studios
Design and build RF systems including
reception of DAB and DTV

Design and build broadcast connectivity

Maintenance of broadcasting infrastructure

Media Operation Centre supporting
international satellite transmission and
programme exchange of live events
and programmes

Microwave transmission

Terrestrial transmission of radio and
television in analogue and
digital formats

Mobile or fixed reception and field
strength measurement

Audio and Video (AV) production services
and equipment:
- Multi-camera coverage
and recording of live events
- Video production
- Multi-media production
- Production crew
- Internet broadcasting (webcasting)
- Project management

Playout Operations

Radio and TV playout

The above is not exhaustive. If you do not see the exact service you are looking for please call 65-6350 3833 or email us at .
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