Mediacorp Young Lions Competition 2018 Digital Competition

Teams will have 48 hours to produce a PDF presentation of an integrated digital led campaign, explaining how the use of technology answers the brief in a creative way. Teams must supply the following items –

1. A PDF presentation with the following structure:

Slide 1: An image summarising the campaign (A JPEG image)

Slide 2: A four part written submission (150 words max per section)

  • A Campaign summary
  • Creative insight - How can creativity help solve a problem using social media platforms and technology?
  • What is the solution? – Which platforms, technology and tools were used and why?
  • How does it work? - How will the digital solution help answer the brief and solve the problem faced by the client?

Slide 3: Example of digital led components (JPEG image)

Slide 4: Example of digital led components (JPEG image)

Slide 5: Example of digital led components (JPEG image)

2. Soft copy of the team’s presentation in PDF format submitted on a DVD as well as an accompanying hard copy of the PDF presentation printed as A4 single-sided full page slides.

3. . There must be no mention of agency name or logo in the PDF presentation. A label will be provided with your registration confirmation email. Please attach the label on your DVD and on the back of the PDF presentation slides.