about the show

The base of the drama is set in a fictionalized police unit that specializes in unraveling unsolved cases which are often referred to as cold cases.

They are part of a special task force assembled just to tackle cold cases pertaining to the Indian community and Indian immigrants. The unit is not widely publicized and kept under wraps but their work is consuming to say the least.

Spearheaded by Chief Dayanidhi, the team consists of three teams and an assigned criminologist. Together they try to tackle cold blooded murders, kidnaps and sexual crimes. But as their professional and personal lives collide, the team is headed towards a perilous outcome. Lives will be lost and bonds will be broken. The pledge that they made to uphold justice and peace in the country that they love will be put to the test.

How will they survive?
Where does it all lead to?
Who is the villain and who is the hero?