Jack Neo 梁智强 as Mr Liu 刘先生

Jack Neo is the star, storyteller, screenplay writer and director of the movie.

The face in front and behind the extremely successful prime time variety show COMEDY NIGHT 搞笑行动 and the current TOP FUN 欢乐巅峰 , Jack started his TV career in 1980 and has risen through the years to become one of the most recognized faces on TV. Having been cast in small roles in several local TV and regional films, Jack progressed into filmmaking fully when he wrote and starred in the most commercially successful local movie to date - MONEY NO ENOUGH 钱不够用 - which became the number 3 all time box office hit in Singapore.

Jack received the Best Director Award at the 1998 Silver Screen Awards for his short film and has also recorded and produced several albums.


Xiang Yun 向云 as Mrs Liu 刘太太

Xiang Yun is a consummate actress who never fails to make the audience sit up and take notice of her. The thespian has acted in countless productions and garnered bags of accolades. Her versatility enables her to tackle both leading and supporting roles.

She started as an actress in the Drama Training Class in the 80s. From then on, her first major role was that of an ill-fated and long-suffering wife who was sold to Singapore. Her name was constantly used to helm major productions that were well received by viewers. Her efforts were recognised when she was awarded the Best Supporting Actress three times (1998, 2000 & 2001) in the station's annual Star Awards.

Not satisfied with just acting in the small screen, Xiang Yun went onto stage in the first local Chinese musical DECEMBER RAINS 雨季and later appeared again in the very well received play BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE 蝴蝶春情. She has also forayed into hosting recently and viewers' response has been favourable. Her endearing and easy-going hosting style has made her a household name. Xiang Yun made her movie debut in MY VALENTINE 二月十四 in 2001. I NOT STUPID 小孩不笨 will be her second film.


Richard Low 刘谦益 as Mr Khoo 邱先生

Richard Low used to act in the theatre circle before he joined the drama acting class. That got him noticed and he was signed up as an artiste.

Throughout his acting life, he mainly acted in baddie roles. It may be attributed to his looks but that did not deter him from working hard to change his image. Through toil and sweat, Richard finally garnered the Best Supporting Actor Award in Star Awards '97 for his role in SILVER LINING.

He finally got his wish fulfilled when he was cast as a male lead in MR OK. That show made audience sit up and take note of him and changed their stereotypical perception. Producers too took note of his performance and were soon asking him to act in their shows.


Selena Tan 陈美廪 as Mrs Khoo 邱太太

Selena Tan started on stage at age 14 and since then, she has been a constant feature in local theatre productions. She has also been an integral part of the local hit musical CHANG & ENG, in which she originated the role of Nok, the twin's mother in 1997 at the musical's premiere.

In 1998/99, Selena penned 4 stand up comedy/cabaret pieces which were all big hits. These included SELENA EXPOSED, BROADWAY BABY KAILAN, THE 2ND BROADWAY BABY KAILAN and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TEACHER'S TABLE. In 2000, Selena started out her own production company and wrote and produced a series of 4 stand up comedy/cabaret shows.

On the big screen, Selena can be seen in the movie ROGUE TRADER which starred Ewan McGregor. And on the small screen, Selena has joined Singapore's funniest family in the local hit sitcom UNDER ONE ROOF, playing Anita Chow. She has also guest starred in PCK PTE LTD and appeared in programmes such as TONIGHT WITH GURMIT, UPFRONT WITH NAJIP ALI and ALIEN ASIAN.


Huang Po Ju 黄柏儒
as Terry Khoo 邱迭利

Shawn Lee 李创锐
as Liu Kok Pin 刘国彬

Joshua Ang 洪赐健
as Ang Boon Hock 洪文福

Cheryl Chan 陈雪儿
as Selena Khoo Jr.

These four young actors were selected after auditioning about 50 others. Their ages are between 11 to 12 years. Though most of them are new to acting, they showed lots of potential while filming their movie debut.




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